6-30-12 Daisy, Daisy, daisy

Not counting the parts of daisies on edges of this photo, there really are three daisies in this photo. “Really?!” you say. Really. This is a layered HDR photo that I made (not took) with my Canon 5D Mark III. It has HDR capacity built in. The things you can do with the new-fangled cameras. . .

Incidentally, the title of this post pays homage to the famous scene in Stanley Kubrick’s fiLm “2001: A Space Odyssey,” where an astronaut “kills” HAL, the on-board computer. (HAL, by the way, is an acronym that is only one letter away from IBM. Coincidence?).

When that film came out in 1968, 2001 seemed so far away. And now it’s 2012 and we have cameras that are smarter than those who use them. Like me and my 5DIII. . .

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