07-06-12 One Last Fish

My friend Scott P and I had spent a great week on my sailboat on Lake Oahe in South Dakota. It was incredibly hot but that was OK with us. We had made our way back to the marina and were mostly packed and ready to leave when we decided to go out for one short attempt at fishing. And in a short time, Scott had landed this 10-12 pound northern. I think it helped make Scott P’s week.

Most people avoid catching northern on Lake Oahe but Scott seeks them out. He says they are more fun to catch than walleye, and they are just as good to eat, if not better, than walleye. But you’ve got to know how to clean them, which Scott does.

I was “netman” on this fish and netting a big fish isn’t easy. In fact, earlier in the week I had missed netting two pretty good sized northerns. So I guess landing this fish helped make my week, too.

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