07-15-12 Frank (Revisited and Reworked)

2012 07-15 Frank (Revisited)

When I check the viewing statistics of my photo blog, I can see which photos are viewed most often and and what links brought people to my web site. Last week I noticed that my post from a while ago called “Frank” was getting the most hits, which were coming from another web site called Facepunch.com. Facepunch seems to cater to a broad set of interests, including the graphic arts.

It turns out that a user who calls himself Bakyte had posted a reworked version of my photo that looks like this:

And then the citizens of the forum were encouraged to fill in the blank.

Before I reveal a few of my favorites, I would like to mention that all of my posts are shared through a Creative Commons copyright that allows for use as long as credit is given, no money is made and the original work is not altered. I don’t want to sound selfish, but Bakyte violated at least two of those provisions. I did politely inform him of my concerns and he politely said he would try to remove the posts if he could.

That aside, I enjoyed many of the modifications and will share four of my favorites:

And last, one that was inspired by the group A Ha’s song “Take On Me”:

And why not watch the A-Ha official “Take On Me” video? It was aired on MTV in 1985, won many awards and is a brilliant display of the animator’s art. It also does a brilliant job of linking a fascinating visual story with a song that is otherwise insipid! In some ways, that’s what MTV was all about in the 80s . . .

The work of art, incidentally is called Frank, by Chuck Close. It is a photorealistic painting of a photo of a guy named Frank.

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  1. This is a very interesting post. Thank you for sharing, and you’ll have to teach us how to do the moving animation!
    People were very creative in coming up with different things to put inside the frame.

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