08-03-12 Dawn

Here’s another HDR photo taken from the bluffs overlooking the northern leg of the Little Bend on Lake Oahe. In the shot I posted a while back I was looking east into the rising sun. In this shot, I’ve moved my tripod, the sun is behind me and I am looking off to the northwest towards the Cheyenne River.

I don’t know about you, but when I look at this photo I see the pure white of the popcorn clouds. Then I see the sea green sage and, finally, the distant, dark water and long line of the cloud covered horizon. (And if you are paying attention to words here, I hope you appreciate my alliterative attempts. Opps, I did it again. 🙂 Or did I? Actually, “alliterative attempts” is an example of assonance. Sorry, but I was an English teacher long before I started to call myself a photographer.)

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