08-05-12 Window Peeking

In my quest for something other than landscape and macro photos for this blog, I have gone “dumpster diving,” which is my term for going back to old photos that people more organized than I would have gotten rid of a long time ago.

This picture, taken in Delft, Netherlands, is certainly not art. But it is a narrative. Because of that, I converted it to black and white, in part because it was the two dogs that caught my eye in this scene and they were both black and white to begin with.

And why is it a “narrative.” Well, I think it tells a story, though, like so many other photos, it has many different stories to tell if you give it a chance. Is it about how life in Delft in different than life in your home town? Is is about the couple? What is the young man saying that is causing the woman to look the way she looks? What about the man in the background with his hand to his head?

And, of course, what about the dog looking my way?

What I like about candid photography is that though I am really “in” the photo because of how I frame the scene, I am also a kind of a voyeur. And so are you. As a photographer, I am saying “Look into this window and feast your eyes.”

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