08-14-12 Hand County, South Dakota

This is another HDR (high dynamic range) photo that is actually a combination of two photos. I’m not sure I like the dramatic “rays” that seem to be streaming to the ground from the clouds because I didn’t see them when I took the photo. And they look a little unreal.

But they are real. The HDR process only enhances and demonstrates what the camera “sees.” As I was looking at this photo, wondering whether I should post it, it occurred to me that light is to a good camera what the high pitched dog whistle is to a dog: the camera and the dog perceive things much differently than humans do. And though cameras are tuned by humans to show us what humans normally see in terms of color, brightness and contrast, software processes allow us to see an alternate reality. In this case it is an HDR photo that shows us what shadows under clouds look like.

On a side note, I took this photo where I did to pay homage to my mother- and father-in-law. Years ago they had a painting hanging over their couch that was a winter scene showing a prairie that was table flat and that stretched out to infinity. My mother-in-law said the picture reminded her of home, which was Hand County, South Dakota.

Though it isn’t winter yet in this scene, the landscape is certainly table flat.

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One thought

  1. “I did not see …”

    “Light is to camera as high-pitched whistle to a dog…”

    Your words, like your art, elluminate, so I appreciate both. Both teach. Whether by words or photographic art, you have taught me that the role of the artist/teacher is to draw our attention to something of value.

    Thank you again, my friend.

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