08-17-12 What Do You See?

I don’t know about you, but I have never looked closely at a human eye before I edited this photo. The eye you’re looking at belongs to Tiffany, one of my Photo/Media students at Lake Area Technical Institute, and she was a good sport when I spontaneously told her I wanted to photograph her eyes. We went up to an area in our school that has great northern light and I took several photos.

I’m not sure if a viewer would find this photo fascinating or a bit unsettling. If it’s unsettling, I can tell you that it shouldn’t be because Tiffany wouldn’t unsettle you: she is a beautiful person, with a beautiful personality. And she has beautiful eyes.

Sorry for the deep thoughts here but I think close-ups of body parts, like a single human eye, are striking because we don’t tend to look so closely at them. In fact, if someone stares at us too long, we often look away. Further, an eye is in the realm of people like optometrists, not teachers, friends and acquaintances. And beyond that, it is only part of a whole that we call our bodies. I believe we are less our bodies than we are our experiences. Our bodies are like suitcases (Samsonite? Luis Vuitton?) in to which we pack our true selves.

That aside, today I am showing you Tiffany’s eye and asking you “What do you see?” In my case, to quote the famous discoverer Howard Carter, I see “wonderful things”. . . .

Canon 5DII 1/60s f/4.0 ISO200 100mm

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