08-21-12 Self-Conscious

I took this informal portrait of a waitress at the VooDoo BBQ restaurant on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. She wasn’t the least bit self-conscious, as I think you can see in this photo. I was.

And it occurs to me that when I am self-conscious as a photographer, I am not conscious of other, more important considerations than me. For example, if I had been totally “focused” on the task of getting a decent portrait of this young woman, I would have checked the full frame. I would have removed the styrofoam cup behind her. I would have tried to frame the photo so there wasn’t a distracting bright area in the upper left corner of the photo. And I would never had tried to take a portrait with a 1/50 sec shutter speed.

Why was I self-conscious? Well, I don’t normally take semi-posed photos of people I don’t know. And I had 5 of my photo/media students sitting at the table watching me.

Like so many other subjects and places I’ve photographed, I’d like to have another chance at the VooDoo BBQ restaurant.

Canon 5DII 1/50s f/3.2 ISO1000 50mm

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