08-26-12 Golden (As seen at the Arrow Education Foundation Fund Raiser)

Sunflowers by Scott Shephard

I’m no expert on sunflowers but it seems to me that they go from coming out of the ground to full flower in a fairly short time. And, sadly, they go from full flower to drooping to done in a short time, too.

This field is east of Pierre, which doesn’t narrow things down much since there are several sunflower fields east of Pierre. We were heading to Lake Oahe, Deb was driving and, after watching several fields go by my window, I said, “Stop. I’ve got to take some photos.”

The challenge with photographing sunflowers is something like the challenge of photographing a public building such as the Berlin Hauptbahnhof mentioned yesterday: how do you get a unique picture of something that so many others have photographed? (I just did a Google search for “sunflower pictures” and got 19,000,000 hits!).

For better or for worse, this photo is my attempt at something a little different.

Canon 5DIII 1/2000s f/2.8 ISO100 35mm

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