08-27-12 Dewey Web

When I looked outside yesterday and noticed that our town was enveloped in a thick fog, I figured I would find something unusually photogenic . So when my wife and I went on our morning walk, I did something I don’t normally do – I took my camera.

Initially, I was disappointed because it was actually too foggy to get much of anything. But then I noticed hundreds of spider webs on fences and plants along the walkway. The webs were coated with beads of water because the air was so humid.

I must have taken 30 photos before catching up with Deb, who was walking ahead. But I wasn’t satisfied. So I went back a little bit later, this time with my macro lens and tripod. I took another 50 photos and this one is one that I liked.

I especially like that each one of the beads of water is a little lens, which reflects the brown and green terrain behind the web and the foggy white sky above. Of course, because it is a lens, everthing is upside down.

And, if I hadn’t taken my camera, I wouldn’t have seen the webs. What’s the moral of this story? When I carry my camera, I am a photographer. And when I’m a photographer, I see the world a different way.

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