09-03-12 25,600

This photo is ugly in many ways. It lacks contrast, it’s subject is less than perfect and it is more than a little grainy. But consider this: it was shot with my Canon 5D III at its highest “normal”* ISO setting of 25,600. It was so dark where I took this, I couldn’t read the writings on the buttons on the camera. I grew up in a photographic world where 400 was considered a “high speed” film. The 5D III’s sensor is 64 times more sensitive than that!

When I bought my Canon 5D several years ago, I told my wife that I would never need another digital camera. It was a beautiful, high resolution camera. But then I learned that one thing that improves with each upgrade of the DSLR is it’s ability to take better and better photos in lower and lower light. So when the 5D II was released, you know what happened. And now I have the 5D III, which is a beautiful high resolution camera. Maybe this one is the last camera I’ll ever need?

*There is an extended setting that allows for 102,400 ISO, but I’m not brave enough to try that.

Canon 5D III 1/13s f/4.0 ISO25600 102mm

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