09-07-12 Contradiction

Rick Steves, the American travel writer, says that for some Americans, a visit to Mostar is Bosnia can be “a bit jarring.” This photo may be a good example of what he means: an inviting sidewalk cafe is juxtaposed next to a building that is riddled with bullet holes.

I have been to Mostar twice and both times I am reminded of the long term consequences and scarring that war brings to people and cities. But Mostar also reminds me of the resilience of human beings. If you have a chance, I think you should spend some time in Mostar.

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  1. Scott, Deb told me about the article in Shutterbug magazine so I went to Google and typed in the mag. title and your name. What I got was great but I don’t suppose it’s the article. Anyway, we’re doing school pics, and I travel with 3 photographers some days. I can’t wait to have them look at your blog. I’ve just had a few minutes, and I have to go but I’ll be back. I loved your comment about students in China!

    Talk to you later.
    Sis Barb

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