09-09-12 I Have Photographed Royalty

2006 Watertown High School KiYi royalty by Scott Shephard

I have been to Buckingham Palace but I’ve never taken a photo of the Queen. But I have photographed KiYi Royalty many times. In this case, I am showing you a picture of all of the 2006 Watertown High School KiYi royalty. The Princess and Chieftain (following a Native American theme) were Ben Dylla and Carissa Hauck.

I am publishing this photo because Watertown High School’s homecoming week starts today and, like small town homecomings all over the US, it is marked with pageantry, celebration and a general disregard for the primary purpose of high schools everywhere – educating the young. I wonder if they let school out early for such things in China?

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