09-18-12 Ready and Waiting

Soy beans by Scott Shephard

There is an adage in photography that says that you should first find a good photo opportunity and then turn and look behind you because the best photo is often something you don’t see at first.

This picture is a good example in that what caused me to stop my truck along the gravel road in Iowa was the photo I took yesterday. After getting what I wanted there, I turned and looked across the road. And this is what I saw (click). It wasn’t all that special, was it? But inspired by one of my student’s great soybean photos (check out Lindsey Fowler’s photo), I decided to move in. And this photo is the result. And it stands as a good example of the tremendous power photographers have: we get people to look at things they would probably never taken the time to see.

By the way, I like Lindsey’s photo better. 🙂

Canon 5DIII 1/320s f/4.0 ISO320 182mm

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One thought

  1. I do love this picture. I find myself being a sucker for macro photography lately.
    I have not heard the saying to look behind you when finding a good photo out in the country or whatnot, so I will be trying that the next time I go out, and hopefully I’ll find a great shot too!

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