11-02-12 Revisiting Iron Creek

This photo of Iron Creek in the Black Hills of South Dakota was taken by Watertown photographer Scott Shephard

My friend Jack H. asked me yesterday if teaching photography has helped make me a better photographer and he had barely finished the sentence when I said, “Yes.” I then went on to say that in finding words to describe thought and physical processes that are the result of 10 years of fairly random reading/looking and endless practice based mainly on intuition has made me more aware of the complexities of finding, framing and capturing my subjects.

Beyond that, I am much more sophisticated in how I use software. And this photo is an example. Frankly, I have posted a nearly identical shot of this place in this blog already. The difference is that I was “playing” with software that I didn’t have a few years ago and with processes like sharpening, white balance, saturation and contrast that I didn’t have as of understanding as I do now.

Is this a better photo? Maybe not. In fact, the casual observer may not even see what is “right” about this photo. I would like to think that my second year photo students would because I see clear evidence that they “get it”: that they see and understand the 10,000 minute differences between the simple and the sublime.

Here’s the previous version:

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