11-05-12 I Approve of This Message

Cardhu 12 year old Scotch photographed by Scott Shephard

I don’t normally endorse products, especially alcoholic beverages, though my title gives you a little insight into how I feel about the general subject being photographed. However, I haven’t sampled this bottle of Cardhu Scotch since I wanted it full for the shot. (It’s another kind of Scotch in the glass pretending to be Cardhu.) Why this brand? Well, it came in a short bottle and I figured that would help the composition. So, yes, I bought this Scotch just because it would fit the photo. I think that’s certainly a form of sacrifice. . . .

Click here to see a quick snapshot of the lighting setup. In summary, the main light is set up on the left with a small soft box and the background light has a 20 degree honeycomb grid to create a small glow behind the shot. The “studio” was our dining room, which has a perfect deep brown accent wall.

Canon 5DIII 1/160s f/7.1 ISO100 95mm

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