11-21-12 Primavera (Near Fort Randall)

When I say “primavera,” you might naturally think of pasta. Or, you might think of the famous painting by Boticelli. But primavera also means “spring” in many Romance languages, including Italian. And, because this photo shows the first blush of green on the bluffs above the Missouri River, I’ve given it a bit of a romantic title. It’s not a photo of apetizing food and it doesn’t feature women in diaphanous clothing. But does picture a serene and beautiful place in my home state.

Incidentally, it occurs to me that as winter arrives in our state, I start to looking for photos that are dominated by green. What does that say about me?

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  1. I guess I have to comment to get the email notification of a new post. That might be easier than checking everyday to see what you have selected for my (& others) viewing pleasure. Thanks.

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