12-02-12 Back To Lonesome Lake (HDR)

HDR Sunset by Scott Shephard

It has been more than a year since I have photographed near Lonesome Lake. That session resulted in the photo I donated to the “fireplace room” at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota.

On this occasion, I told Deb around 4:15 yesterday afternoon that I was going to go looking for a photo opportunity. I wanted to see if I could get something in HDR at sunset that would look good. Then, I invited her along for the ride and she said “yes.” What a treat!

I started heading north of our town, all the while watching the sun and clouds off to the southwest. My vision for the photo involved bare trees and a beautiful sky just before or just after sunset. I also didn’t want any clear signs of civilization. If you go 20 miles north and a few miles west of Watertown, that isn’t hard to do.

After one other stop, I ended up at Lonesome Lake. By that time, the sun had set, and the clouds weren’t all that interesting. But I thought that I could at least show Deb the location. It was getting dark but I decided to try to take a series of photos, knowing that the camera sees light in ways that I don’t. I also knew that if I put my camera on a tripod and bracketed the exposures properly, I had several software tools that might produce something worth sharing.

And here’s the result. There is a surprising amount of texture in this photo, especially given that this (click here) is much closer to what I was seeing when I took the series. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

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