12-06-12 Kinkankuji

Kinkankuji (Golden Paviilion) Kyoto, Japan by Scott Shephard

I’ll have to admit that I like this photo, which isn’t something I’m inclined to say about my work. A photo should speak for itself, I guess.

But I like this one because it’s green, and South Dakota is anything but green right now. I also like it because I rescued it from the virtual dumpster. Finally, I like it because it helps me see the value of software processes in a photographer’s work flow. I don’t want to get technical in today’s post but I will say that I started with this image (click), and ended up with the “adjusted” version in the blog. They say you can’t fool Mother Nature. But she can be enhanced. 🙂

Kinkankuji is otherwise known as the Golden Pavilion, which is near/in Kyoto, Japan. Here’s a satellite view (click) of the location. I wish I could tell you exactly where I was standing when I took this, but I wasn’t in to GPS fixes in 2004, when we visited Japan

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