12-09-12 Experiment With Bokeh and Water Glass

Water glass backlit by Christmas lights by Scott Shephard

As far as photographic experiments go, I would say that this photo represents a successful failure. I spent time yesterday learning about the quality of bokeh produced by various lenses at various degrees of focus. In the midst of this, I had the idea of putting a full glass of water in front of our Christmas tree. I imagined that the round bokeh would show up in the water glass, given the lens effect that water can have. But I imagined wrong. Oh, well. . .

What I like about this photo is that everything is soft and round – except the way the light shows up in the water glass. Here, it is sharp and linear. Too abstract? Boring? Maybe. I suspect I will revisit this idea to see if I can end up with something better.

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2 thoughts

  1. Lovely effect. I would have liked to see those Christmas tree lights in color, though. Perhaps with that water replaced by bourbon, just for the color. What might the brown liquid have done to the colored lights? QUICK! Set up your Xmas tree again! LOL. And I disagree that it’s any kind of failure; on the contrary, it’s sort of a lesson in contrast. And that makes it successful.

    Very nice work.

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