12-29-12 Modern Ruin

2012 12-29 Modern Ruin

About a mile down the coast from the resort we stayed at recently in Mexico was a ruined resort once known as the Robinson Club. The story is that it was hit with two hurricanes. Apparently, it also had ecological issues and the resort was ultimately closed.

To our family, the Robinson Club isn’t just a ruined resort – it was the first resort we stayed at 15 years ago. And all of us have fond memories of the place. The resort was beautiful, the beach was perfect and the mostly German and generally zany staff made people feel like old friends.

Scott, my brother-in-law, my nephew Matt and I ventured on to the property one afternoon and explored and reminisced. Our explorations were cut short by two young men wielding machetes. Though they didn’t speak English, they made it clear that we weren’t welcome and so we made a quick exit. (Though I did go back early a couple mornings later.)

Here are all of the photos I took of this sad, ruined place.

The last several photos are of the sauna area, which also turned out to be the “clothing optional” compound. The Germans staying at the resort the week we were there liked their freedom!

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