01-09-12 Mike, Scott & Clarence in Las Vegas

2012 01-09 Mike, Scott & Clarence in Las Vegas

I have been to Las Vegas only once, and this photo documents the highlight of that visit: our hotel had a swimming pool! That’s my brother Mike and my dad sitting on the diving board. And the story I am told (because I don’t remember it) is that when no one was looking, little 7-year-old Scotty went out to the edge of the board and jumped in. The problem was that Scotty really didn’t know how to swim. Whether that event occurred before or after the photo was taken, I can’t say.

This photo doesn’t pass the test as far as quality photos are concerned: it has compositional issues and the photographer (my mom?) posed us with our backs to the sun, leading to underexposed faces. But like billions of other bad vacation snap shots, it is still an important photo – at least in my personal history.

This photo, incidentally, was in an album that my aunt Betty had kept. In managing her estate, we ended up with several of her photo albums and it is obvious to me that even though she lived in California, her South Dakota family was very important to her.

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