01-31-13 A New Arrival!

A New How-To Blog

Wow! Yet another “How To Be A Better Photographer” blog??!!! Yes. The story is that a year ago, after assigning a blog project to my Social Media Marketing students, I decided to create a blog that does something different than this one: I use explicit teaching tactics rather than the subliminal ones I use here. (You didn’t know that I was often secretly trying to educate you?)

And so (a year later!) I have launched “The Better Photography” blog. My mission is to teach and enlighten and, from time to time, to talk in more technical detail about how I create the photos that show up here. So how about visiting my new blog? And you really should subscribe to it because it won’t be quite as regular and this one. What? You haven’t subscribed to this one yet? Just go to the bottom on this page and put your email address in the blank provided. No obligations. And you can cancel at any time.

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