02-03-13 Death Star?

2013 02-03 Death Star?

This photo is the result of a totally serendipitous process. I have been playing with a Canon Speedlight and a Canon infrared trigger (the ST-E2) off and on for the last few days. I have also been using a snoot to focus the light on macro subjects. I started with the Christmas cactus I photographed in natural light a few days ago. I then moved to a freshly printed dollar, thinking that bright, focused, angular light might result in something cool. (It didn’t). And then, just a short time ago, I went prowling for something with shape and texture and I found a Shure microphone I just happened to have lying on my den floor. (Why? You ask. There’s no good answer for that question other than there are a lot of things on my den floor.)

And this is the result. I like the picture but, as I’ve often said, that doesn’t mean it’s a good picture. What I like, though, is that I think I’ve made a fairly usual thing look interesting because of the the point of view and, more importantly, the way I’ve used light. The other thing I like is that I used a iPad mini box as a reflector on the right side of the subject. Beyond that, my “studio” is nothing special in this photo. In fact, here’s what the shot set-up looks like:


There really was as much ambient light in the room as you see in the snap shot. The reason everything besides the microphone is so dark in the final photo is that the Speedlight was bright, it was very close to the the microphone and the light was focused by the snoot.

Canon 5DIII 1/60s f/9.0 ISO200 100mm

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