02-12-13 Back In the Days of Film

2013 02-12 Back In the Days of Film. . .

Here’s a photo that was taken with my Canon film camera 12 years ago. Yes, film! If you look closely, you will see white specks. Those are dust specks on the negative. And if you look closely again, you will see film grain. Holy cow!

My workflow for this photo was as follows

  • Visit the Como Park Conservatory in Minnesota
  • Take the photo
  • Go home
  • Develop the film in my makeshift darkroom
  • Scan the negative with my very slow high resolution film and slide scanner
  • Put the scanned file in a folder on my Mac
  • Burn the folder to a CD (yes, a CD)
  • Put the CD into a CD case
  • Put the CD case in my very crowded closet
  • Forget about the CD case for 12 years
  • Look for a shirt that fell off the hanger in my closet
  • Find the CD case
  • Forget about the shirt and everything else
  • Post the photo after minor retouching in Aperture
  • There you go. And, if you ask me, I like the photo but it’s not all that special. As if no one else ever stood here and took the exact picture. . . .

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