02-13-13 Another Web Site??!!!

Scott Shephard Photography

Yes, I am launching a new web site (visit it now, (please?)). “Why,” you ask. To be honest this blog (which is about to celebrate it’s 4th anniversary!) is decidedly non-commercial. And my new web site is pointedly commercial. I’m not exactly a starving artist but I but I’ve found that photography and blogging about photography are expensive habits.

This blog will continue at this web address. But it may be moving. And, while I’m at it, my new web site has an address right now that will be changing — as soon as I’m smart enough to know how to do that.

My “Better Photography Blog” will likely be migrating but, for the time being, I am posting it twice. How about bookmarking the new address?

Anyway, how about visiting my new site. Even better, how about filling in the contact form? There’s nothing in it for me (or for you) other than it is our way of getting to know each other a little better. After all, a blog is a social media and being social often involves a conversation. So let’s start one. . . .

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