02-17-13 The Second Story

2013 02-17 Second Story

I had mentioned yesterday that I didn’t get enough time in the Minnesota state capitol building the other day. I made up for that by going back late yesterday morning. I knew when I went that I was going to take several series of photos with my camera on a tripod so that I could later process them into high dynamic range photos (HDR).

This photo was taken on the second floor looking west. One of the things I like about the way the camera interprets this space is the way it sees color. The columns and the stairs are lit by a skylight but the space behind the columns is lit by incandescent lighting. The space behind the columns is warm and the columns are a cooler gray due to this lighting.

The other thing I like in this photo is the amount of texture that is present. I think that texture can be both something you feel (such as the tops of the Corinthian columns) and can be something you see (such as the variegated stone in the columns.) And there is plenty of both in this scene.

I will be posting at least two more from my “Minnesota State Capitol” series. I hope you like HDR architecture.

Canon 5DIII 1/5s f/6.3 ISO400 16mm

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  1. This photo is simply gorgeous. It looks almost too good to be real. All of your photography is wonderful. I still only do photography in my spare time as I’m still in school, but I hope some day to have a career in the field. You are a huge inspiration to me.

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