03-17-13 Late Summer

2013 03-17 Late Summer

I suspect that there is nothing all that special about prairie grass, unless, of course, you live where there is no prairie. Or, like me, live where there is no living grass right now. And, as I know I’ve said, when I am feeling SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) kick in, I go looking for photos I took in better weather.

This clump of grass lived on the bluffs overlooking the Little Bend of the Missouri River on Lake Oahe. In late July, 2012, I took close to 50 photos of this grass one morning, mainly because the wind was gusty and the grass wouldn’t sit still. I imagine that taking photos of children might be like that. Though children offer considerably greater diversity, don’t they?

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2 thoughts

  1. Neat photo of Crested Wheatgrass. Makes me think of summer too and warmer days that need to come soon. This winter is prolonging the SAD feelings so we need some green.

  2. Taking photos of children is very much like that 🙂 I once took 60+ photos of my brother who at the time was about 1 year old, and only got one good photo. It gets even harder when you try to add an animal to the photo 🙂

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