03-21-13 My Space

2013 03-22 My Desk

They say that a neat workspace reflects a personality that is less than creative. Well, I don’t know who “they” are and how “they” conclude such things. And my desk is not really this neat. Did I Photoshop it? I’m not saying.

I will say that I spend at least 6 hours a day here (often 4 hours before I go to work). Do great things happen here? I don’t think so. But good things sometimes do. One of the blue arrows points to my “Window on the Virtual World.” That exists beyond the desktop, through a cable and out into the ether. That’s where some of you exist, too. How does that make you feel?

Finally, I would like to point out that the iPad, Macbook, iPhone, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and keyboard all have built in Bluetooth. The Pelikan fountain pen does not.

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