03-25-13 Snowy Patterns

2013 03-25 Snowy Patterns

As much as I like green and as much as I get tired of the monotonous tones of winter, I do like rare cases when wet snow falls without much wind. And this photo is what we get when that happens. This photo is a bit of a jumble and seems almost abstract, but I guess that’s what I like about it.

And if you study this photo closely, you will find that I was paying attention to the rule of thirds. And maybe if you look closely again, you will find the hidden man in the tree???

Canon 5DIII 1/1250s f/4.5 ISO320 200mm

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One thought

  1. This is a bit like looking at clouds. I don’t see the man, but I see Dudley, my poodle. You can see him in the upper left, right where the rules of three intersect. My friend, Melissa, sees a boy in the upper right edge, which I unfortunately don’t see.

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