04-28-13 Chevrolet Hood Art

2013 04-28 Chevrolet Hood Art by Scott Shephard

You may not have thought much about this but hood ornaments have largely disappeared from “modern” automobiles. This no doubt happened for a variety reason, including aerodynamics, cost and aesthetics. Of course, another reason is that ornaments became a target for thieves and vandals. Some automobile hood ornaments, like the Rolls Royce “Flying Lady,” are still part of the design but cleverly disappear through a trap door when the car is turned off and locked. Take that thieves!

This ornament decorates the hood of a beautifully restored 1938 Chevrolet. Randy Tribble, the restorer, told me the car was a real hulk when he started the process and so I’m guessing that the ornament pictured today is a replica. Old or new, it’s beautifully designed.

On a technical note, I have to say that this car wasn’t photographed in ideal circumstances. I was at the Lake Area Technical Institute Auto Show and while the light was very good, I don’t think it was ideal for this kind of photography. I was playing with my 50mm 1.2L lens and when I took the photo, I didn’t really like the bright lights beyond this shot. But in the end the bright bokeh the lighting results in seem to complement the photo.

To see more of this auto and to purchase prints, click here.

Canon 5DIII 1/320s f/2.0 ISO400 50mm

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