04-29-13 Rite of Spring

2013 04-29 Rite of Spring by Scott Shephard

I would be the first to say that my crocus photo is nothing to write home to Mom about. But these flowers are significant to me for two reasons: first, they are the first flowers to appear in my wife’s garden this spring. And given that we have endured a fairly long winter here in South Dakota, even little yellow flowers are cause for celebration.

The other reason is that this photo is one of about 240 photos of the same subject over a two hour period that I took as part of a time lapse study. This was my first effort at this kind of photography and though I don’t know that I have the patience to do it often, I am happy with my first attempt. Here’s the exciting YouTube video, soon to go viral, no doubt. Incidentally, the two hours have been compressed into 14 seconds.

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  1. AWESOME! I planted crocus in my perennial flower bed about 7 years ago. I had never seen them bloom as they were always done before we arrived home in the spring. Not this year. I also was taking photos of my blooming crocus…I only took 2 or 3. I love the time lapse video. Thanks for bringing more sunshine to the day!

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