05-07-13 Out To Pasture

2013 05-07 Out To Pasture by Scott Shephard

It is a fact known to my family, friends and associates. But I haven’t in any formal or public way made the announcement: after 36 1/2 years of being a classroom teacher, I am retiring. I am down to my last three days with “my” students in “my” classroom.

When I was younger, I used to think that retirement meant being “put out to pasture.” Thus, I offer today’s photo. But having watched friends and colleagues who have retired, it seems that life sometimes gets busier after retirement.

So the question I get is: “What am I going to do now?” The answer: “More photography, of course.”

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5 thoughts

  1. Best wishes on your retirement.
    I know from personal life that you will have many happy memories of your students and your classes.
    Hope to see more photography as you get more time for that and more time for the new grand baby coming.

    Yes it getsmore busy a different kind of busy. I always joke that I did not need a calendar until I retired before that I just knew I would be in school.
    Best wishes Love to see your photos

  2. Congratulations, Scott. I know the feeling and also know that it will be hard to replace what you have dedicated your life to for so many years — your classroom, the students, the teaching and learning process. Enjoy these last days. But, you will never stop teaching and learning. Little did I know what great new experiences my horizon would bring — and continues to offer. So, with the words of that famous sailor, Captain Jack Sparrow, let “Bring me the horizon!” be your next motto. Many successful adventures lie ahead!
    Dan Cronin

  3. Congratulations! While I think it’s fantastic that you will be able to pursue your photography passion, there will be a lot of students who will miss the opportunity to formally learn from one of the best teachers I’ve known! Enjoy your “retirement”!

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