05-25-13 The Urbane Duck

2013 05-25 The Urbane Duck

When the sky began to grow light this morning, I looked out my den window and noticed something that gave me my first laugh of the day – a mallard standing on top of the building across the ally from our house. I quickly ran to get my camera and took several shots of him silhouetted against the sky. I thought he would fly away any second but it turns out there was no rush – an hour later he was still there. Maybe he sleeps up there? A room with a view. . .

This duck moved into our neighborhood this spring and seems to be quite comfortable here. My wife and I (and perhaps even our clawless cat Mac) have adopted a “live and let live” policy. And so has the rest of the neighborhood

The most strking thing about this bird is how cool and calm he seems as he scans the eastern horizon, balanced on one leg. Thus, my post’s title: not the “Urban Duck” but the “Urbane Duck.” (And how can you not be reminded of aboriginal men who also balance on one leg?)

uluru aboriginal

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