06-14-13 Island Life


Yesterday morning, before Deb and I boarded the ferry to Tortola (BVI), we had some time to spend in Charlotte Amalie, the first stop on our Caribbean sailing adventure. Deb suggested that we hire a cab driver to tour the island but instead we got something better: Marge, one of the proprietor’s of the Miller Manor B&B, where we stayed, took us on a personal walking tour, accompanied by her dog Sam.

At one point, when I was trying to find a way to photograph the Jewish cemetery, we encountered some locals, including this child, who initially gave me a forced smile but who then quickly ignored me. That’s when I started taking photos. We only had a minute or two, but this is the best of the few I took.

There are a couple things I like about the photo. One of them is not the light. Some times you take what you get. But I do like two things: the fashionably dressed child, who wouldn’t be out of place in most neighborhoods in the Western world. (Note the cool watch and plastic squirt gun.) But I also like the fact that there are two adults in this photo watching me take this picture. Both are clearly wary and maybe even a little suspicious. The child, of course, is oblivious. As a photographer, I like the child’s attitude best. . . .

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