06-19-13 Water Line


On Day 4 of our BVI sailing adventure we made it to what is called the “Bitter End,” which is the eastern most civilized reach of the Virgin Islands. We got here around 1:30 PM after some serious sailing against winds that were gusting to 25 mph and swells up to 5 feet. Great sailing conditions, if you ask me. Our 37′ Beneteau under reefed main and jib handled beautifully. But the First Mate said “Enough’s enough!” So we dropped the sails and motored for 8 miles or so.

The reward was the peaceful cove where this photo was taken. The water is a beautiful blue and the sky was mostly clear. My way of enjoying the Caribbean paradise surrounding our boat?: I tethered our float to the back of “Dakota Lullybye”* and worked on my tan.

This photo was taken with my GoPro camera, safely housed in it waterproof housing. The yellow line leading to the boat is a kind of an umbilical cord for me: it keeps me connected to my beverage supply. (Dehydration can sneak up on you in the Islands.)

*Yes, that’s the name give by the anonymous owners we are chartering this boat from.

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  1. Sure looks and sounds wonderful, beautiful, with some occasional “nail-bitting”!?! Hoping for some great weather for the rest of your trip! Be safe!

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