06-20-13 Through A Rain Covered Hatch


As forecast, the clear skies of yesterday gave way to significant rain and wind today. We spent the whole day inside the boat, though that gave us time to read, watch movies, and take a break from the hard work of vacationing in the BVI.

I decided to try to caption the rainy weather and I got several, though I like this one taken looking up through one of the ceiling mounted hatches. I would guess that only a sailor would know what we’re looking at so I will help those who find this a bit too abstract: it’s the mast, the two sets of spreaders, and the BVI ensign (the red blur).

As I write this, it’s still raining. But as Annie said, “Tomorrow’s only a day away.”

(By the way, if you look closely enough, you will see the mast and spreaders perfectly focused, though a little twisted, in several of the drops.)

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