07-17-13 Aspen Stand

2013 07-17 Aspen Stand

This blog has be AWOL much of the summer but I guess I have been, too. As of the 17th of July I think I have been home for a little more than 10 days since the third week of May. I have also had little access to wifi. So that’s my excuse.

But given that I am only two days away from the start of the July Black Hills Photo Adventure, I’m thinking I need to post something – especially of the Black Hills

So here’s my selection: a grove of aspen trees that has appeared before in this blog. But, as I’ve said many times, I like to return to places I’ve photographed before largely because they are magnets to my eye and camera but also because I feel I am a little wiser: I see better, I understand my equipment better and I am better at processing images in my digital dark room.

Ansel Adams never talked about “taking” a photo. He said that he “made photos.” I like that and now that I know the art and craft of photography better, I would say the same thing: true photographers make pictures.

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