07-30-13 Photographer At Work

2013 07-30 Photographer At Work by Scott Shephard

A concern I have about retirement is that as I transition from my “normal” public self to my retired life, some people will start to think about me in the past tense. An even bigger fear is that I might show up somewhere and someone without proper social filters might say, “I thought you were dead!”

Well, I’m alive, though this blog has been on hiatus. So today, like the mythical Phoenix, it rises from the ashes. At least for a while.

And is it any surprise that I return with a photo of our amazing grand daughter, Glenyce? And there are more where this one came from. Do you have a few minutes? There are only 600 or so . . . .

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2 thoughts

  1. I have plenty of time for as many Glenyce photos as you want to post as her parents have been a little occupied to share them. We hope to see her again soon!

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