09-02-13 The Safari Endeavor at the Dawes Glacier

2013 09-02 The Safari Endeavor at Dawes Glacier by Scott Shephard

I’m about to be told to turn off my iPad on the plane that will take us on our first leg home today. But I selected this photo as my first Alaskan Un Cruise Adventures photo because it capture both the awesome landscape of SE Alaska and the nature of our amazing 7-day cruise on the Safari Endeavor. I’ll have more to say about this place when I’m back online.

Later . . .

For the culminating activity on our Un Cruise, we motored up to within a few miles of the Dawes Glacier. Once there, small groups were motored out to within 1/4 mile of the glacier, which meant that we had to go through the ice field you see here. “Wow!” was generally the only word spoken (repeatedly) as Captain Jon S. took us through the chunks of ice. Jon spoke little during the two hours we were out. But he was constantly grinning. And so were we.

The culmination of the day was being served one of my favorite 12-year-old Scotches cooled by 500-year-old crystal clear glacier ice. Wow!

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