09-14-13 Morning Procession

2013 09-14-13 Morning Procession by Scott Shephard

I was anchored near the mouth of Mission Creek at Lake Oahe (Missouri River) a couple weeks ago when I noticed movement on the point of the far shore. Using my binoculars, I noticed that it was a group of deer walking slowly along the beach. A few minutes later, I saw them walk into the water and then start to swim to the south point of the bay I was in. I estimated that the swim was about 1/4 mile and was more than a little surprised since I didn’t know deer could swim.

Eventually, they arrived on the near shore and, having checked me out, hurried up the hill and out of sight. Below you will find two other photos I took in the sequence, including one where the buck (who was last in the line) has stopped and is checking me out. Given that he didn’t have his Speedos on, do I dare say that he was “buck naked?” (Sorry.)

Swimming Deer


Canon 5DIII 1/1600s f/8.0 ISO400 200mm

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