09-19-13 Cloudscape

2013 09-19 Cloudscape (1)

This photo is only a few minutes old and I am publishing this sitting by the side of the road just outside of Philip, SD. This morning’s full moon and glorious sunrise have given me several photo opportunities as I’ve driven east along highway 14 towards Pierre, SD. And I couldn’t resist sharing this particular photo with you.

My real reason for stopping along the highway was to capture the September full moon, which has been following me all the way from Rapid City when I pulled out of town at 5 am. And I did get the moon going down, though I’m not real happy with what I got on camera.

But shortly after the moon when down, the sun came up and I was able to get a pretty good sky shot. As with so many of my images, there is plenty of texture here. And a few lines and a little geometry. And, like so many of my photography experiences, I wish you had been here to share the time and place with me.

Canon 5DIII 1/250s f/11.0 ISO200 24mm

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