09-21-13 Here Comes the Sun

2013 09-21 Here Comes the Sun by Scott Shephard

I have come to realize that the most interesting thing about a sunrise isn’t the sun. Instead, what makes some sunrises special is what the low, angular light is doing to the landscape everywhere except where the sun in visible.

This scene is one of several that I captured along Highway 14 in western South Dakota. Even if I didn’t get anything camera worthy, it was a beautiful September morning to be in a part of our state that some would say is flat and bland.

Incidentally, if you look at the last three posts in this blog, you will note that I have moved the horizon to the bottom of the frame. I guess I am featuring the sky in my “Western South Dakota” series because I think that our amazing skies have much to offer. Montana’s got nothing on us!

I should mention, incidentally, that the red band in this photo is ripe sorghum, which seemed to be planted in abundance in this part of our state. And did anyone noticed that the three primary colors are all dominantly present in this photo?

Canon 5DIII f/9.0 ISO320 35mm (shutter speed unknown – because this is an HDR composite?)

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    • Thanks, Patricia. And yes, this is near Philip. I can’t tell you how many times in the last 30 years I have driven along this road. Generally, I’m only thinking that I can’t wait to get home. But on this day I drove it as a photographer should: “What can I catch today?” Generally, I am driving this stretch of highway when the sun is much higher. But because it was the middle of September and because I left Rapid well before sunrise, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I should let you believe that I am smart and that this was planned. But it was really just good fortune. But remember Adam’s phrase: “Fortune favors the prepared mind.”

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