09-28-13 Cooling Off

2013 09-28 Cooling Off by Watertown, South Dakota, Photographer Scott Shephard

I am calling this “Cooling Off,” though it could be that they are warming up. “They” are harbor seals that we encountered resting on ice bergs as we left the area of the Dawes Glacier. They are staring at us with suspicion while we were staring at them with wonder.

Canon 5DIII 1/800s f/7.1 ISO400 280mm

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3 thoughts

  1. Maybe they are as curious about you as you are about them? I ❤️ harbor seals. I had one follow me while swimming so close that she touched me with her nose.

  2. One more comment if I may about the color of water in your Alaska photos, it’s incredibly beautiful. Just love it, Scott. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Thank you, Patricia. Many have asked if the color of the water and of the ice in my photos is “real,” knowing that digital photographers have considerable power to manipulate reality. But in the case of the photos of Alaska that I have posted the blue is very much what we saw.

      It should come as no surprise that the water near glaciers (such as this one) is generally a milky blue due to the sediment that comes from the glaciers. Where glacial melt water joins water that didn’t come directly from glaciers, there is a clear line. Unfortunately, I was never in the right place at the right time to photograph it.

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