10-12-13 At the End of the Day

2013 10-12 At the End of the Day by Watertown, South Dakota, photographer Scott Shephard

This cemetery, which is south of the Missouri town of Boonville, is yet another place that I have driven by and then turned around so I can get a closer look. And then, when I got out of my vehicle, I didn’t take my camera. Frankly, I just wanted to walk among the tomb stones, some of which dated back to the late 1700s.

There is something evocative about cemeteries, especially at the end of the day, when the sun is low and the shadows grow long. It isn’t creepy to me. But it is a bit sad and more than a little thought-provoking.

This cemetery was well maintained, had a great view of the Missouri River valley and the recently deceased shared space with those who had been lying there for a a century or more. Many of the older tomb stones were seriously weathered and it was next to impossible to read the inscription.

Such is life. A stone may mark our final “resting” place but who we are may have been long ago forgotten. . . .

Canon 5DIII 1/125s f/4.0 ISO100 45mm

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  1. I have been visiting a lot of cemeteries in the last year, in fact, more than 100 of them. (geocaching) I too like to look at the older stones and monuments, wondering what happened, why so young or sometimes, wow…really old. Your words today were also very thought provoking. Thank you.

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