11-12-13 Changing of the Guard

2013 11-12 Changing of the Guard by Watertown, South Dakota, photographer Scott Shephard

The phrase “changing of the guard” can be metaphorical but at the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic it is literal. But the event is also a tourist attraction. Deb and I just happened to be arriving at the Castle when the three men seen here were marching to their post. Their baby blue uniforms are traditional but not particularly “normal” when it comes to military garb. Maybe the intent is to make the opponent feel happy and non-violent.

Have I just returned from the Czech Republic? No. We were there in 2006 and I found this photo in the process of organizing my vast collection of forgotten photos. I call it “dumpster diving” and the fact that I got caught up in processing this photo when I should have really been culling it is a reason I get so little organizing done. Some day I’ll start on my closet, but I’ll have the same problem with old college papers that I have with photos . . . .

Canon 5D 1/320s f/7.1 ISO400 105mm

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  1. I was in Praha in 1992, just a few years after the Velvet Revolution, and don’t recall seeing the guards in this lovely shade of blue.

    • Hmmm…I think they soften there image from when I was there. I recollect a machine gun holding guard as we deplaned at the Prague airport, which was rather unsettling, and realized that I was not in Kansas (or California) anymore.

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