11-18-13 Going To School

2013 11-18 Going To School by Watertown, South Dakota, photographer Scott Shephard

Those who follow my Instagram feed will have seen a variant of today’s post. Both were taken at the Henry Doorly Aquarium and Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. Deb is here for a Midwest Higher Education Compact meeting and I’m along as her driver, body guard and photographer. You didn’t know that the president of Lake Area Technical Institute had people like me did you? All are unpaid positions.

Our group was visiting the aquarium for our dinner last night and I agree with Deb, who observed that she had never eaten a meal with sharks circling overhead.

We were served beef, not fish, so as not to insult the sharks.

MHEC Dinner, 11-17-13 at the Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

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