11-19-13 Through the Eyes of A Child

2013 11-19 Through the Eyes of a Child by Watertown, South Dakota, photographer Scott Shephard

We attended a party in honor of the 2nd birthday of my grand niece Evie DeGeest a few days ago. I wasn’t going to take photos because most of these events are very well photographed. But I couldn’t resist. Alicia, Evie’s mom, is a designer by bent and trade and DeGeest birthday parties are always brilliantly planned and certainly photogenic.

Maybe it’s because of the birth of our grand daughter, Glenyce Jane, but these days I seem to look at the children in our family differently. “Wonder” and “awe” are two words that come to mind to describe how I feel when I study the face and eyes of a child like Evie.

I wonder about the gathering of all the forces that shape the person that Evie is becoming. And I wonder what she is thinking and what the world looks like through her eyes. And isn’t it awesome that what begins as a microscopic fusion of DNA ends up becoming a wonderfully complex bundle of cells, thoughts and inclinations like beautiful Evie?

Canon 5DIII 1/80s f/2.8 ISO500 168mm

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2 thoughts

  1. Scott, what lovely, insightful comments you published about Evie and her birthday party! (Astute-I was going to say, but wasn’t sure of the spelling.).
    Looking forward to seeing you and Deb at the Festival on Friday! Have a great day!

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