11-30-13 Glenyce Jane At Six Months

2013 11-30 Glenyce Jane At Six Months by Watertown, South Dakota, photographer Scott Shephard

A few years ago one of my photography students told the front office that there were several reasons I should be fired. As hard as it is to realize one isn’t all things to all people, the one reason that made me laugh went something like this: “He should be fired because he doesn’t like children and therefore we won’t learn how to photograph children!”

Really! The truth is that I love children of all ages, even if they can be intimidating and even aggravating at times. And I will admit that I have never aspired to be a child photographer. Getting a good portrait of a child is a daunting task and I admire anyone who does it well.

This photo of our grand daughter Glenyce Jane Shephard is probably more snap shot than portrait, though there was a little technical artistry that went in to this, including the white pillow my wife was holding off to my right to bounce some light back on Glenny’s face. The problem with the pillow, though, was that Glenyce Jane was both fascinated and amused by it. I was aiming for a shot where she was looking at me, but I was hidden by the camera. But I did get a keeper. . .

Canon 5DIII 1/100s f/4.0 ISO800 102mm

For those who wonder what this shoot was like, check out this contact sheet:


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7 thoughts

  1. Funny story! She is a beautiful baby and, hopefully, you will share more photos of her in spite of the fact you do not “like” children! : )

  2. I just put my g’kids on the airplane to go back to SD so totally understand the taking photos at every opportunity. Enjoyed seeing the ‘proof’ sheet to see that your g’kid isn’t a ‘perfect’ model for every photo! But the purpose of the comment this morning is…I think Glenny must look a lot like her daddy when he was a similar age. I see Brian in that sweet, adorable, smiling face.

  3. I love your photos of Glenyce Jane-all of them! What makes them even more special are your descriptions of the event, the “technical” aspects of your attempts, and the obvious love and pride that shines through your work of your first grandchild! Keep posting those photographs !

    • Thank you Sandy. I often feel that my photos at family events are redundant because of all of the great photos you take. But since you’ve encouraged me to keep posting more, I will keep taking more. 🙂

      • Shep, I’ve always felt that my camera efforts fulfilled the desire/demand while your camera work produces real “photography”. You can see your professional eye, and your advanced skill levels, something I’d love to aspire too.

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