12-05-13 The Real Rosetta Stone

2013 12-05 Rosetta Stone

When I say “Rosetta Stone” you probably think of a well-advertised foreign language learning tool. But the actual Rosetta Stone (pictured here), which is housed in The British Museum, was the key to translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics into English. There are three different languages/scripts on this stone, two of which were decipherable. But, in the the early 1800s, the top script, hieroglyphics, was still a mystery. A man named Champollion used the known scripts and pretty astute inferential reasoning to crack the code of hieroglyphics. So ends the history lesson.

If you are curious about the leap from grand daughter to son to Rosetta Stone over the last three days, don’t try to find the logic. There is none. Today, fearing that I would miss a day in “A Photo A Day” for the second time in five days, I just picked a folder of photos from 2010 and found this picture.

Your attention is no doubt waning by now, so I’ll say, “Thanks for looking.” 🙂

Canon 5DII 1/15s f/4.0 ISO1000 24mm (Notice the slow shutter speed. Shame on me!)

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